The Purple Konnie Huq Sweetie Wasn't Stolen

Konnie Huq purple party dressMy favourite Quality Street chocolate is always the one with the purple wrapper - it's hazelnut and soft caramel. I got to thinking about this when I saw this photo of Konnie Huq and her purple party frock.

And while thinking about sweets Konnie has categorically denied that she ever stole sweets from Woolworths.

It seems that the Mirror reported Konnie as saying that in the past she had taken pick'n'mix sweeties from Woolies without paying. Dear old Valerie Singleton got a bit hot under the collar about this and criticised her for condoning theft.

Konie was misquoted in the original Mirror article. To make things clear she said, "I want to set the record straight. I probably said I love Woolies pick 'n' mix, I bet many a child can remember stealing sweets from there."

Sorted! Purple ones are always the best.

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