Konnie Huq Bumps & Grinds In Her Yellow Bikini

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq cleavage bikini
It can be a tough life as a television presenter. Poor old Konnie Huq has had to go all the way to St Lucia in the Caribbean to do a report for the Mail on Sunday. She even had to strip down and show off her cleavage in a yellow bikini. Tough or what.

As hard as it was though it sounds like she did manage to have a good time as she writes, "From about 10pm, people start dancing and - later - bumping and grinding to the music booming out from the massive speakers. This goes on till the early hours and can get a bit fruity! But it is a fabulous way to experience proper Caribbean life with a 50-50 mix of tourists and locals."

You can read her full report on St Lucia on the MailOnLine website.

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