Konnie Huq Leaving Blue Peter

The Daily Mirror has reported that Konnie Huq is to quit Blue Peter after a decade. Is this the reason as to why she created a new image, showing lots of flesh, at the Spiderman 3 Premier?

Her agent Jonathan Shalit said: "Konnie loves Blue Peter but she is 31 now and has decided the time is right to progress into an adult career. Blue Peter are aware that she will not be renewing her contract when it runs out in February."

Konnie Huq At The Spider-Man 3 Premier Wearing That Low Cut Dress

Konnie Huq at Spiderman 3 PremierThe real fame for Konnie Huq, the 31-year-old children's television presenter, started at the Spiderman 3 Premier in Leicester Square when she wore 'that' dress.

The dress was a daring choice and it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. The question that onlookers wondered was how it managed to stay in place. Was sticky backed tape used. Whatever he secret it had the male population glued to her impressive cleavage and bare flesh.

Konnie Huq stole the show at the Premier and made headline news in all of the UK national newspapers. A star and a different image were born.

Konnie Huq in the low cut dress