Konnie Huq Talks To Self Harmers

Konnie Huq Asian NetworkOn a more serious note than usual Konnie Huq has been talking to 'self-harmers' on the Asian Network Report.

It seems that, according to the charity Sane, there is almost an epidemic of self-harming among British Asians, where women aged 18-24, are three times more likely than white people to be hospitalised after cutting. Also the suicide rate for Asian women is nearly twice the national average.

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Konnie Huq Ambassador For The British Red Cross

Konnie Huq and the British Red crossAs an ambassador for the British Red Cross Konnie Huq has been commenting this week on two of their current campaigns.

First there is the British Red Cross Don't Be A Bystander campaign, which is aimed at giving youngsters aged nine to thirteen practical life saving skills. This is being backed by Toyota.

Konnie Huq said: "The campaign has been an incredible success in reaching so many young people with first aid training – an essential life skill. Our key message throughout has been ‘Don’t be a bystander. Be someone. Learn first aid.’ and these young people are now equipped to make a difference when it really matters."

The second is Dance For Life.

Following the success of Dance for Life over the past two years, dancers are being urged to get on their dancing shoes and take part in one of the biggest celebrations of youth dance.

Konnie Huq commented, "Dance for Life offers such a wonderful opportunity for all young people to perform in a fun and friendly environment."

Read more about Dance For Life at the British Red Cross website here.


Konnie Huq To Be In Robin Hood

Konnie Huq to play a serving wenchKonnie Huq has landed her first acting role.

She was in Budapest last week to film a couple of scenes for her part in Robin Hood. She plays the part of a serving wench who betrays Robin.

Konnie’s character is hungry and desperate for money, so the Sheriff pays her to betray Robin.

Something for her fans to look forward to.

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Konnie Huq Wants To Reveal All

Konnie Huq wants to reveal allKonnie Huq is going to reveal all! Not sure how shocking this will be but when Konnie finally leaves Blue Peter she wants to write a book about her life behind the scenes and the background to those scandals.

Konnie Huq said, "I'd like to write a book about everything that goes on. After all, I have been there for ten years so it's time I wrote something about it."

It's reported that she could get up to £500,000 for a book deal, especially if she also tells about her relationship with Richard Bacon. Their relationship ended last year.

How hot will her story be?

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