Konnie Huq's Dilemma: A Brief History Of Time Or Heat Magazine?

Konnie Huq low cut dressIn an interview with the Guardian Konnie Huq tells about her reading habits:
"I've been trying to read Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time but it's hard to find the time to make myself concentrate properly. I read Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything so thought I'd try Hawking's book to remind myself of my background in science - I did physics, chemistry and maths A-levels.

I'm trying to start reading books that you gain knowledge from in order to challenge myself more. As a rule, I tend to read easy reading/populist-type books, but I don't feel like I'm learning enough. That said, I'm looking forward to reading Mark Frith's book about his time as the editor of Heat magazine."

So should she read A Brief History Of Timeor all about celebs in Heat Magazine? It must be a difficult decision for Konnie!


Konnie Huq Gives Peoperty Advice To Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon in bikiniIt appears that Konnie Huq has been giving property advice to Zoe Salmon, who is now also leaving Blue Peter on June 24th this year.

Zoe has bought a two bedroom flat in a Grade II listed Art deco development near to where Konnie lives in Ealing. The flat also has the benefits of a clubhouse, swimming pool and tennis courts.

Zoe said about Konnie, "She's really into property and knows London much better than I do."

Some people it seems still have faith in the UK property market - despite forecasts that prices could dip by as much as 9% this year.


Beat Those Exam Blues With Konnie Huq's Tips

Konnie Huq Exam tips
For many this time of year means exams.

"What has this got to do with Konnie Huq?" you may ask.

Well I'll tell you.

Konnie can give you a helping hand with those exams. Okay maybe not a hand but at the very least you can look at her tips - exam tips, that is.

Konnie, who is a Cambridge University economics graduate, has got together with Sky Learning. Together they have made a series of interesting videos that may just make exams a little less stressful. There are hints at getting the best out of revision and so on.

See what you think. Below is one of her short videos as an example. If you want more of Konnie's learning videos go to YouTube Sky Learning.

Alternatively you can also find lots of useful stuff at Sky Learning.

Konnie explained more about Sky Learning to us:
"Sky Learning Explorer is a great idea and makes it easy for you to find TV programmes that can help you with your GCSE & A Level studies. Plus you can use it to look for programmes around subjects you are interested in with new subjects like Wildlife and Travel being introduced later this year, along with some Scottish curriculum subjects."


Konnie Huq And Zoo Days

Konnie Huq on Zoo DaysWe will be able to see Konnie Huq in her new television show Zoo Days from Monday 9th of June. This will be on Channel Five at 6.30pm.

The twenty week series is based on Colchester Zoo and will give viewers an idea of what happens behind the scenes.

Highlights will include the birth of an aardvark and also a young elephant, by the name of Jambo, who gets relocated to a Spanish Zoo.

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