Konnie Huq New Face Of Alberto Balsam Shampoo

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq and Alberto Balsam
A commercial deal to bring a smile to Konnie Huq and also a shine to her hair.

Konnie is to be the new face (or should that be hair) for Alberto Balsam shampoo.

She has already had a photo-shoot for the campaign and said, "I was photographed for the campaign by Gustavo Papaleo, who’s absolutely amazing."

Very lucrative!

Konnie Huq: High Heels, Stockings And Ice Cream

Konnie Huq Stockings, High Heels and Ice Cream
Konnie Huq stockings, high heels and ice cream
Konnie Huq loves eating ice cream wearing her high heels and stockings!

Ice cream, it seems, is one of her simple pleasures. Konnie said, "There's nothing better than being at home eating Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream on the sofa. I'm a big chocolate fan too, I like chilling out with comfort food. It's great when you can kick back and watch TV."

Okay, so I lied about the stockings and high heels!

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The Sexy Dresses Of Konnie Huq And Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon low cut red dressWhat a fuss the tabloids made of Zoe Salmon's dress. The one she wore to a Coronation Street party a few days ago.

"What's this all got to do with Konnie Huq," you may ask.

Not an awful lot really but the Zoe dress is a similar occasion as 'the' Konnie dress - the one she wore to the Spiderman 3 premiere.

The dresses are simply a way of signifying to the public and media that these are two sexy women who have finished with kids' shows and now want to be part of the adult world. It's like being released from a restrictive institution - they are free to do as they now please.

It's also a good excuse to have another look at Konnie Huq in that dress!

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq low cut dress cleavage
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