Konnie Huq Video On Osborne House

From the HistoryChannel comes this eight minute Konnie Huq video shows her presenting a documentary about Osborne House. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but it illustrates Konnie spreading her wings to different sorts of television work.


Konnie Huq To Pose For Sexy Photos

Konnie Huq sexy photosAs reported in Celebrity Insider it appears that Konnie Huq is about to be seen in a series of sexy photos in the lads' mag GQ.

We understand that Konnie Huq's photos will be on the front cover of the magazine along with eight inside pages.

Something to look forward to for Konnie Huq fans.


Konnie Huq Takes The Biscuit

Konnie Huq in the workplace!Konnie Huq has been talking about girls and women in schools and the workplace. She reckons that expectations put on women are now very high and sees this as being because women are perceived as more conscientious than men.

Konnie said, "It's a relatively new phenomenon that we have equality and so women often have to live up to that. Only a couple of generations ago women were not present in the workplace and there was no equality."

According to an American study British women feel they have to work harder than men to gain recognition when working.

But sometimes it's nice to just relax with a cuppa and a biscuit!

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Konnie Huq Defends Chantelle

Konnie HuqKonnie Huq has been defending the likes of Chantelle Hayes in Celebs on Sunday magazine. Konnie said,
"When people talk of a 'real career' you think lawyer or teacher. But not everyone wants to do that. So in a way, if your option is stacking shelves or being Chantelle, wouldn’t you take your opportunities when you could? Much in life depends on what you would have done anyway. And as celebrity culture is so skewed towards women’s fashion and appearance, people focus more on these girls. So the blokes from Big Brother fade into oblivion."

And she is right, of course, it's the one opportunity that the likes of Chantelle have to forge some sort of career - and make money. They use their '15 minutes of fame' to full advantage. As for Konnie, she'll be around for much longer.


Sexy Photos Of Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq sexy photo?There are hundreds of Konnie Huq photos on this blog but we get most requests for the sexy photos of her.

So here are a few links to posts that show Konnie in a bikini, low cut dresses, nipple shots and so on.

If you look through the archives you'll find lots more - the links are in the side column on the right.

As for the photo on the right in this post - Is it Konnie as purported or not? We'll let you decide!

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