Konnie Huq Will Carry Olympic Torch

Konnie Huq and seen David Walliams last weekThough it was previously in doubt Konnie Huq has now decided that she will carry the Olympic torch. She stresses, however, that this "does not in any way indicate support for the Chinese regime."

Konnie said, "I've decided to take part because I am committed to the Olympic ideals which reach out to people. I am also carrying the torch for London 2012."

Konnie will be one of an eighty strong team that will carry the torch from Wembley to the O2 arena.

Konnie Huq wearing short skirt
Konnie Huq short skirt


Konnie Huq Model Photo

Further to the previous post this is Konnie Huq modelling again and with a distinct new look. The hair is completely different from usual but the pink and blue clothes suit her.

A long way from Blue Peter!

Konnie Huq model


Konnie Huq Takes To Modelling

Konnie Huq doing some clothes modelling for Grazia magazine. A good up to date photo, a little different from the norm.

Konnie Huq modelling