Konnie Huq The Safe Bet

A glamorous looking Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq posing
Konnie Huq has been talking about her lifestyle while she has been presenting Blue Peter.

"They were lucky in me in that I'm a safe bet. I'm not into drugs. I don't drink. I never really go out scantily clad. I'm really boring. I don't know if anyone else would have made it to 10 years because [the newspapers] are always trying to trip you up. It is a responsibility. I wouldn't have lasted if I had been a wild-child type. I'm quite a homebody - I like staying in with a good film and curling up with a blanket on the sofa. Maybe that's because of my job, because the last thing you want to do when you've been in the pouring rain fixing a light-bulb to the top of the Humber Bridge is go out and large it up."

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Konnie Huq New Photo

Konnie Huq New Photo

A new photo of Konnie Huq.


Konnie Huq Longest Blue Peter Presenter

Konnie Huq shows her nippleKonnie Huq has now overtaken Valerie Singleton as the longest serving female presenter on Blue Peter.

Konnie said, "Oh my gosh, I must be getting on a bit. It's great to have been in a job that I love for so long."

When asked about her now being a sex symbol she just laughed it off saying, "I'm welcoming it, if this is the case. If you've got it, flaunt it."

And, of course, Konnie has flaunted it in the past with 'that' dress she wore to the Spiderman 3 Premier and also when she had 'that' wardrobe malfunction - as some people like to call them. See the Konnie Huq nipple photo on the right.