Konnie Huq Wins An Award

Konnie Huq and James Nesbitt
Konnie Huq and James Nesbitt
Konnie Huq has won an award. Okay, not a very good one but it's still an award. She won a Morgan Award. "A what?" you may ask. It's something to do with Piers Morgan and, as he's very full of himself, he gave the trophy his name.

The awards are all about getting back at celebs who slap themselves on the back when going to more notable award occasions. So what did Konnie win hers for?

Not too sure if it's very clear but this is what Piers said, "My first Morgan goes to someone who told me just before she left Blue Peter, 'I can’t think how to do it with a bang. Richard Bacon did drugs, Peter Duncan did porn, Janet Ellis did unmarried pregnancy, I’m left with bestiality, but I think that might be a bit strong for Blue Peter…'"

Konnie Huq's award was titled PUTTING THE BLUE INTO BLUE PETER.

On receiveing the Morgan Award Konnie uttered, "I have never won anything in my life. So to be winning the best of the best tonight is a great honour. I’m speechless, thank you."

I guess you had to be there!

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