Konnie Huq On Taormina Sicily

Konnie Huq yellow bikiniKonnie Huq has done a travel review for the Daily Mail called Sicily: Taormina, a dramatic retreat to the ruins.

Konnie starts by writing:
"Taormina oozes charm and beauty. It can be found on Sicily's east coast, with its centre looking out across the Mediterranean and its precariously balanced houses, cafes and restaurants cascading towards the coast."

She goes on to write a positive review on Taormina but does add a warning, "Speaking of tourists, Taormina is meant to be hell in August. Avoid that and you'll be in for a big surprise."

Read the full review here.

Taormina Sicily
Taormina Sicily
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Konnie Huq To Present Hannah-oke Champions

Konnie Huq will be presenting a new television show, for the Disney Channel, alongside Duncan James based on the Hannah Montana character. It's a contest where the winners will be crowned Hannah-oke Champions. And, yes, there will be the inevitable judges: Nicki Chapman, Jason Gardiner and Disney Channel star Brad Kavanagh.

It all kicks off on Friday, May 15th at 6pm.

Can't wait. Okay, that's probably a fib!

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