Konnie Huq The Safe Bet

A glamorous looking Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq posing
Konnie Huq has been talking about her lifestyle while she has been presenting Blue Peter.

"They were lucky in me in that I'm a safe bet. I'm not into drugs. I don't drink. I never really go out scantily clad. I'm really boring. I don't know if anyone else would have made it to 10 years because [the newspapers] are always trying to trip you up. It is a responsibility. I wouldn't have lasted if I had been a wild-child type. I'm quite a homebody - I like staying in with a good film and curling up with a blanket on the sofa. Maybe that's because of my job, because the last thing you want to do when you've been in the pouring rain fixing a light-bulb to the top of the Humber Bridge is go out and large it up."

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Konnie Huq New Photo

Konnie Huq New Photo

A new photo of Konnie Huq.


Konnie Huq Longest Blue Peter Presenter

Konnie Huq shows her nippleKonnie Huq has now overtaken Valerie Singleton as the longest serving female presenter on Blue Peter.

Konnie said, "Oh my gosh, I must be getting on a bit. It's great to have been in a job that I love for so long."

When asked about her now being a sex symbol she just laughed it off saying, "I'm welcoming it, if this is the case. If you've got it, flaunt it."

And, of course, Konnie has flaunted it in the past with 'that' dress she wore to the Spiderman 3 Premier and also when she had 'that' wardrobe malfunction - as some people like to call them. See the Konnie Huq nipple photo on the right.


Konnie Huq photographed at the British Childrens' Awards 2007 held at the Hilton in London. Konnie Huq is seen with Andy Akinwolere.

Photo Joe Maher/WENN

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Konnie Huq And That Low Cut Dress

Konnie Huq in the Myleene Klass low cut dressKonnie Huq has been talking about 'that' dress which got her so much publicity when she wore it to the Spiderman 3 premiere - it wasn't actually her dress!

The dress belonged to Myleene Klass. Konnie didn't have time to go home prior to the premiere to change so she rumaged through a rack of dresses in her agent's office and picked out one that belonged to Myleene.

Konnie says, "Everyone thought this was my new sexy image now that I'm leaving Blue Peter. I'm not complaining because it's nice to dress up. But if I had worn one of my own dresses I would not have been in the papers."

Konnie Huq makes her debut tonight in ITV's London current affairs show London Talking. This goes out at the same time as Question Time on BBC.

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Konnie Huq Will Be Talking London

Konnie Huq London talkingKonnie Huq is getting prepared for when she leaves Blue Peter in February. It's been released that she will front a political and current affairs chat show.

The programme will be called London Talking and will be about various issued that effect the capital. The timing is a bit odd as it will go head to head with BBC1's Question Time. Konnie said, "I can't quite believe I will be going against David Dimbleby. The show is not going to be as high brow as Question Time."

Konnie will be joined on the programme by Nick Ferrari and Vanessa Feltz. Pity! Vanessa is far from being many people's ideal. Good luck to Konnie, but is this really her kind of show?

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Konnie Huq Talks To Self Harmers

Konnie Huq Asian NetworkOn a more serious note than usual Konnie Huq has been talking to 'self-harmers' on the Asian Network Report.

It seems that, according to the charity Sane, there is almost an epidemic of self-harming among British Asians, where women aged 18-24, are three times more likely than white people to be hospitalised after cutting. Also the suicide rate for Asian women is nearly twice the national average.

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Konnie Huq Ambassador For The British Red Cross

Konnie Huq and the British Red crossAs an ambassador for the British Red Cross Konnie Huq has been commenting this week on two of their current campaigns.

First there is the British Red Cross Don't Be A Bystander campaign, which is aimed at giving youngsters aged nine to thirteen practical life saving skills. This is being backed by Toyota.

Konnie Huq said: "The campaign has been an incredible success in reaching so many young people with first aid training – an essential life skill. Our key message throughout has been ‘Don’t be a bystander. Be someone. Learn first aid.’ and these young people are now equipped to make a difference when it really matters."

The second is Dance For Life.

Following the success of Dance for Life over the past two years, dancers are being urged to get on their dancing shoes and take part in one of the biggest celebrations of youth dance.

Konnie Huq commented, "Dance for Life offers such a wonderful opportunity for all young people to perform in a fun and friendly environment."

Read more about Dance For Life at the British Red Cross website here.


Konnie Huq To Be In Robin Hood

Konnie Huq to play a serving wenchKonnie Huq has landed her first acting role.

She was in Budapest last week to film a couple of scenes for her part in Robin Hood. She plays the part of a serving wench who betrays Robin.

Konnie’s character is hungry and desperate for money, so the Sheriff pays her to betray Robin.

Something for her fans to look forward to.

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Konnie Huq Wants To Reveal All

Konnie Huq wants to reveal allKonnie Huq is going to reveal all! Not sure how shocking this will be but when Konnie finally leaves Blue Peter she wants to write a book about her life behind the scenes and the background to those scandals.

Konnie Huq said, "I'd like to write a book about everything that goes on. After all, I have been there for ten years so it's time I wrote something about it."

It's reported that she could get up to £500,000 for a book deal, especially if she also tells about her relationship with Richard Bacon. Their relationship ended last year.

How hot will her story be?

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Konnie Huq Says Sorry About Socks!

Konnie Huq with Zoe SalmonKonnie Huq was made to apologise again by the BBC. This time for the Blue Peter naming of the cat fiasco.

Yes the name for the cat had been rigged, so the phone call voting was really a waste of time for viewers.

Konnie was with Zoe Salmon to make the apology. After explaining what had happened Zoe said, "That was wrong so today we'd like to say sorry."

And Konnie continued with, "Yes we would, and what better way to say sorry than with this cute thing," and she held up Socks, the wrongly named cat.

And that was that!

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Konnie Huq Tries On A Corset!

Konnie Huq low cut dressKonnie Huq appeared on BBC's One Show last night trying on a corset!

This was a supposed test so that Konnie could find out what it would be like to wear an old fashioned corset. Konnie's normal 26" waist was pulled in to 23".

She wore the garment for a day and found that it was difficult to bend and that it was very restrictive. It also reduced her lung capacity. Unfortunately we don't have any photos so it's a good excuse to use one of her in 'that' dress!

Konnie will be on television again tonight on the same programme at 7pm.


Konnie Huq's Memorable Interviews

Konnie Huq was asked who have been the most memorable famous people she has interviewed.

"I've interviewed the Queen and the Princes, which was a great honour.

The weirdest was Brad Pitt. I interviewed him about a film he was promoting. He looked weird because he had really long hair and he was trying to be funny, but all his jokes were falling flat and it was just embarrassing.

I interviewed Ricky Gervais, which was a challenge. He's always in character - almost like David Brent - so I didn't know hot to take him."

Konnie Huq


Konnie Huq's Post Blue Peter Plans

Konnie Huq plansKonnie Huq has been talking about what she will do once she leaves Blue Peter. She says:

"I've been approached to do some things fro ITV and I'm doing The Tube for Channel 4 Radio. More live stuff, I hope. I just love the buzz of live TV."

She was asked about acting:

"I used to be in the National Youth Theatre with Jude Law and Matt Lucas so that's where I started, but I wouldn't rule anything out."


Konnie Huq's Trousers Slip

Konnie Huq doesn't seem to be too much in the news recently but here's a couple of snatched photos from her time presenting the UK Top 40. As the programme progressed Konnie Huq's trousers seemed to get lower and lower!

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq low cut trousers

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Konnie Huq Dragged Into Daily Mails Dislike of The BBC

Konnie Huq pulls a face Oh dear! Kirsten O'Brien has claimed that 'everyone at CBBC is either gay or childless and don't like kids.' It looks like Konnie Huq comes under this category!

The Daily Mail quickly picked up on this and today brought up Konnie and political bias again - as mentioned in our last post. They then went right back to 1998 and said, 'Huq's then boyfriend and co-presenter Richard Bacon admitted taking cocaine after being exposed by a newspaper.'

It seems the Mail has it in for the BBC in general - and it looks like anyone who has a contract with them as well, Konnie Huq included.

Most unfair - even enough to make Konnie pull a funny face!

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Konnie Huq Political Bias Story

Konnie HuqThe BBC has warned Konnie Huq about political bias after she took part in a press conference with London mayor Ken Livingstone.

Read the full story about Konnie Huq on the BBC website: Blue Peter star in bias warning.

It appears that Konnie's contract had been re-written, giving the BBC an 'absolute veto over what she can and can't do'.

All Konnie was actually doing was supporting a get-fit campaign. Unfortunately the Conservatives saw the occasion as a political event.


Konnie Huq Is In The Money

The Konnie Huq photos show her in London doing some commercial work for the Post Office.

Konnie Huq was at the Trafalgar Square Post Office promoting a money transfer service.

Konnie Huq said about the new service: "With friends and family overseas, and being a regular traveller, I know there are times when you need to send cash overseas in a hurry. It’s great to know that I can simply pop into my local Post Office branch and the money will arrive in just ten minutes."

Said like a true professional!


Fancy A Konnie Huq Doodle?

The question is: Who would do a doodle like this? Well as this blog is all about Konnie Huq the answer is, of course, Konnie Huq! That's Konnie below - of course again.

Konnie Huq


Konnie Huq With Shiny Lips

An unusual Konnie Huq photo which shows her in a pensive mood and a shine on her lips. It was an acting part of her as a miner's wife - not really Konnie's sort of role is it!

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Konnie Huq Being Embarrassed

Pictures of Konnie Huq on the 8 Out Of 10 Cats television programme where she was embarrassed by comments about her top.

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Konnie Huq Poses Like A Model

One of the few Konnie Huq photos where she is posing for the camera in a model like way.

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Konnie Huq And That Blue Peter Phone-In Deception

The BBC has been fined £50,000 for running which was in effect a fake phone-in competition.

Callers rang a Blue Peter competition line but, because of technical problems, a young girl from the studio was used as the prize winner.

When caught out Konnie Huq and the other Blue Peter presenters did an on air apology - which you can see in the video below. This did not, however, satisfy Ofcom who said there were 'serious breaches in the broadcasting code' which amounted to 'deception'.

Konnie Huq was not involved with the fiddle personally but merely took part in the apology broadcast. It was a member of the production team who asked a girl visiting the studio to pose as the winner.


Konnie Huq Flat's Dispute

The Daily Mail reports on the Konnie Huq flats dispute and it looks like Konnie came out on top. This is some of what the Daily Mail write:

'Konnie Huq has won a battle against estate agents' firm amid claims they demanded thousands of pounds for needless repairs.

Miss Huq was preparing to take a stand against Foxtons after the firm carried out 'emergency' work costing more than £17,000 on flats she rents through the company to tenants.

The TV star said the work was unnecessary and refused to pay the estate agents more than £4,500 in lettings fees.

She was summonsed to court by the firm - but yesterday the 31-year-old appeared to have won an 11th hour victory after Foxtons dropped the case against her just hours before it was due to be heard before a judge.'

You can read the full story by clicking here.

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Konnie Huq Chopsticks

Your Konnie Huq photos for today. As you can see Konnie can handle chopsticks - no problem.

Konnie Huq food
Konnie Huq Eating
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Konnie Huq Fantasy Dominatrix

It's Konnie Huq fantasy time today! Is she Wonderwoman? A Dominatrix? However you want to visualise Konnie Huq is up to you. Actually she was doing this on Blue Peter.

Konnie Huq fantasyKonnie Huq WonderwomanKonnie Huq Wonderwoman

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A Konnie Huq Smile

A nice Konnie Huq photo today with the familiar smile that has had all of the grown-up boys watching Blue Peter over the years. Konnie Huq will be missed when she moves on at the end of her BP contract.


Konnie Huq On Television

Todays portion of Konnie Huq shows her looking younger.

For those who may have arrived at this blog by chance there is information about Konnie Huq in the side column. She is a television presenter who gained a lot of attention when she wore a sexy, low cut dress to the Spiderman 3 premiere. You'll find photos of this in older posts and also at the top right of this blog.

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A Dark, Sexy, Sultry Looking Konnie Huq

Yesterday she was looking dirty but today's Konnie Huq photo shows her looking dark, sexy and sultry. The photo is of Konnie Huq on television again - wish she's get out and about a bit more!

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Konnie Huq In A Bikini Getting Covered With Mud!

Celebrity and television presenter Konnie Huq is getting a beauty treatment today. She is being covered by mud. Well the bits are that aren't being covered by her bikini. The thing is though does Konnie Huq really need to improve her looks? Many think not!

You can read more about Konnie here.

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Konnie Huq Top 40 Photo

Konnie Huq today on the UK Top 40 Television programme.

Konnie Huq Top 40
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Konnie Huq On 8 Out Of 10 Cats

This is Konnie Huq appearing last week on the 8 Out Of Ten Cats television quiz program last week, which was repeated last night. David Walliams was also on the show and embarrassed Konnie about the sexy top she was wearing.

In truth Konnie Huq did her best but she was a little out of her depth with the other five panelists being comedians with the gift of the gab. She did, however, bring some glamour to the programme.


Konnie Huq In Bollywood

Konnie Huq BollywoodThought it was about time that we had another Konnie Huq video. This one is titled Konnie Huq Goes To Bollywood - and you can see her dancing. That's a still from the video on the right.


Konnie Huq Hot And Sweaty Again

Following on from yesterday's Konnie Huq photo here are four more photos taken the same day. This shows the television studio lights getting Konnie Huq hot and sweaty.