Konnie Huq Dragged Into Daily Mails Dislike of The BBC

Konnie Huq pulls a face Oh dear! Kirsten O'Brien has claimed that 'everyone at CBBC is either gay or childless and don't like kids.' It looks like Konnie Huq comes under this category!

The Daily Mail quickly picked up on this and today brought up Konnie and political bias again - as mentioned in our last post. They then went right back to 1998 and said, 'Huq's then boyfriend and co-presenter Richard Bacon admitted taking cocaine after being exposed by a newspaper.'

It seems the Mail has it in for the BBC in general - and it looks like anyone who has a contract with them as well, Konnie Huq included.

Most unfair - even enough to make Konnie pull a funny face!

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Konnie Huq Political Bias Story

Konnie HuqThe BBC has warned Konnie Huq about political bias after she took part in a press conference with London mayor Ken Livingstone.

Read the full story about Konnie Huq on the BBC website: Blue Peter star in bias warning.

It appears that Konnie's contract had been re-written, giving the BBC an 'absolute veto over what she can and can't do'.

All Konnie was actually doing was supporting a get-fit campaign. Unfortunately the Conservatives saw the occasion as a political event.


Konnie Huq Is In The Money

The Konnie Huq photos show her in London doing some commercial work for the Post Office.

Konnie Huq was at the Trafalgar Square Post Office promoting a money transfer service.

Konnie Huq said about the new service: "With friends and family overseas, and being a regular traveller, I know there are times when you need to send cash overseas in a hurry. It’s great to know that I can simply pop into my local Post Office branch and the money will arrive in just ten minutes."

Said like a true professional!


Fancy A Konnie Huq Doodle?

The question is: Who would do a doodle like this? Well as this blog is all about Konnie Huq the answer is, of course, Konnie Huq! That's Konnie below - of course again.

Konnie Huq