A 'Poem' For Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq Photo
Konnie Huq
Derek Batey, who seemingly used to present the television game show Mr & Mrs had written a 'poem' about Konnie Huq:
The Olympic torch was carried in the hand of Konnie Huq,
pro-Tibetans failed to seize it - Konnie said, 'What luck';
It was all seen on the telly - it's added to my fame;
And now I'm Mandrake's mascot - good flame, good game, good name.
Think I've heard better!



Konnie Huq To Front Beauty Disasters TV Show

Konnie Huq low cut dressIt has been announced that Konnie Huq is to front a new BBC television show all about beauty treatment catastrophes.

Konnie will investigate all sorts of treatments where things haven't gone exactly to plan.

The series will be on BBC Three and at the moment the working title is When Beauty Goes Wrong. If you have had a genuine beauty disaster, and want to take part in the show, email

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Konnie Huq Interview

Konnie Huq nipple picThere is an interesting interview on Konnie Huq in today's The Independent.

She talks of her school life:
"We had a 'wormery' and my friend and I were in charge of the 'snailery' with about five snails. I loved drama and was in The Crucible. I was on Blue Peter at 14 with the National Youth Music Theatre – I sang a solo. When I was in the sixth form I presented a cable and satellite programme about music, television and video. I used to do public speaking competitions. There were teams of three. It sounds so middle-class!"

And finishes with her university life:
"I got a 2:1. Our tutors had to recommend high-flying students to the Bank of England; our director of studies recommended me. The two people I met at the Bank were both wearing suits: brown, not grey or black. It turned out to be dress-down day. I remember thinking, 'If this is dress-down day, what are the ordinary days like?' There was an aptitude test; I did it really badly."
Full interview

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Konnie Huq - Ken Livingstone's Disciple?

Konnie HuqThe Konnie Huq and the chinese rumbles on. Talking about Ken Livingstone today the Telegraph writes:
"I am not sure what will upset Livingstone's devoted disciple Konnie Huq more: the faith that he has in the Chinese leadership or the lack of faith he has in the leader of his own party (Gordon Brown)."


Comments Made On Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq hotDear Reader,

I regret that it has been necessary to remove many comments from this blog as they were considered to be obscene.

No matter what your opinion may be about Konnie carrying the Olympic Torch / Tibet / China you are welcome to leave comments but please keep them decent.

Anything that is racist or offensive will be removed.

Thank you for your co-operation.



Konnie Huq Zoo Time and Her Olympic Ordeal

Konnie Huq presentingFollowing her ordeal with the Olympic torch it's good to see that Konnie Huq has been signed up to present a television series all about zoo animals.

Zoo Days will follow Colchester Zoo as it opens it's doors to the public.

Zoo Days will be on Channel 5 and the 20 episodes will be shown later this year.

And ...

... just in case you missed what Konnie Huq said about carrying the Olympic Torch:
"As I was running with the torch a guy broke out from the crowd and wrestled the torch, or tried to wrestle the torch off me.

I was determined to hang on, it was all a bit of a shock, for a while I was wrestling with it, then they wrestled him to the ground. There were so many people and everyone was shouting 'just keep going'. It was a bit surreal.

I was a bit bashed about but I guess that's par for the course in such a little brawl.

I always said my taking part in the procession didn't mean I condone China in any way. And I think a lot of the torch bearers and the athletes feel the same way.

I did the procession because I believe in the Olympic values, the ideals, I think sport on a global scale is a brilliant thing, it transcends culture, race, money.

The Olympic ethos is a great thing, it's just a shame China has such a terrible track record when it comes to human rights.

I understand the cause completely, but this is the platform on which change can occur, all eyes will be on the Olympics, media from all across the world so if any good can come out of it, that's a really great thing"


Konnie Huq At Launch Of Miss England Bikini

Konnie Huq Yesterday

Konnie Huq at Miss England bikini launch
Konnie Huq at a photo call yesterday, 4 April 2008, at the launch of the first ever official Miss England bikini by Aguaclara.

You can see Georgia Horsley, the current Miss England, modeliing the bikini here.