Konnie Huq Says Sorry About Socks!

Konnie Huq with Zoe SalmonKonnie Huq was made to apologise again by the BBC. This time for the Blue Peter naming of the cat fiasco.

Yes the name for the cat had been rigged, so the phone call voting was really a waste of time for viewers.

Konnie was with Zoe Salmon to make the apology. After explaining what had happened Zoe said, "That was wrong so today we'd like to say sorry."

And Konnie continued with, "Yes we would, and what better way to say sorry than with this cute thing," and she held up Socks, the wrongly named cat.

And that was that!

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Konnie Huq Tries On A Corset!

Konnie Huq low cut dressKonnie Huq appeared on BBC's One Show last night trying on a corset!

This was a supposed test so that Konnie could find out what it would be like to wear an old fashioned corset. Konnie's normal 26" waist was pulled in to 23".

She wore the garment for a day and found that it was difficult to bend and that it was very restrictive. It also reduced her lung capacity. Unfortunately we don't have any photos so it's a good excuse to use one of her in 'that' dress!

Konnie will be on television again tonight on the same programme at 7pm.


Konnie Huq's Memorable Interviews

Konnie Huq was asked who have been the most memorable famous people she has interviewed.

"I've interviewed the Queen and the Princes, which was a great honour.

The weirdest was Brad Pitt. I interviewed him about a film he was promoting. He looked weird because he had really long hair and he was trying to be funny, but all his jokes were falling flat and it was just embarrassing.

I interviewed Ricky Gervais, which was a challenge. He's always in character - almost like David Brent - so I didn't know hot to take him."

Konnie Huq


Konnie Huq's Post Blue Peter Plans

Konnie Huq plansKonnie Huq has been talking about what she will do once she leaves Blue Peter. She says:

"I've been approached to do some things fro ITV and I'm doing The Tube for Channel 4 Radio. More live stuff, I hope. I just love the buzz of live TV."

She was asked about acting:

"I used to be in the National Youth Theatre with Jude Law and Matt Lucas so that's where I started, but I wouldn't rule anything out."


Konnie Huq's Trousers Slip

Konnie Huq doesn't seem to be too much in the news recently but here's a couple of snatched photos from her time presenting the UK Top 40. As the programme progressed Konnie Huq's trousers seemed to get lower and lower!

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq low cut trousers

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