Konnie Huq With Shiny Lips

An unusual Konnie Huq photo which shows her in a pensive mood and a shine on her lips. It was an acting part of her as a miner's wife - not really Konnie's sort of role is it!

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Konnie Huq Being Embarrassed

Pictures of Konnie Huq on the 8 Out Of 10 Cats television programme where she was embarrassed by comments about her top.

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Konnie Huq Poses Like A Model

One of the few Konnie Huq photos where she is posing for the camera in a model like way.

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Konnie Huq And That Blue Peter Phone-In Deception

The BBC has been fined £50,000 for running which was in effect a fake phone-in competition.

Callers rang a Blue Peter competition line but, because of technical problems, a young girl from the studio was used as the prize winner.

When caught out Konnie Huq and the other Blue Peter presenters did an on air apology - which you can see in the video below. This did not, however, satisfy Ofcom who said there were 'serious breaches in the broadcasting code' which amounted to 'deception'.

Konnie Huq was not involved with the fiddle personally but merely took part in the apology broadcast. It was a member of the production team who asked a girl visiting the studio to pose as the winner.


Konnie Huq Flat's Dispute

The Daily Mail reports on the Konnie Huq flats dispute and it looks like Konnie came out on top. This is some of what the Daily Mail write:

'Konnie Huq has won a battle against estate agents' firm amid claims they demanded thousands of pounds for needless repairs.

Miss Huq was preparing to take a stand against Foxtons after the firm carried out 'emergency' work costing more than £17,000 on flats she rents through the company to tenants.

The TV star said the work was unnecessary and refused to pay the estate agents more than £4,500 in lettings fees.

She was summonsed to court by the firm - but yesterday the 31-year-old appeared to have won an 11th hour victory after Foxtons dropped the case against her just hours before it was due to be heard before a judge.'

You can read the full story by clicking here.

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Konnie Huq Chopsticks

Your Konnie Huq photos for today. As you can see Konnie can handle chopsticks - no problem.

Konnie Huq food
Konnie Huq Eating
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Konnie Huq Fantasy Dominatrix

It's Konnie Huq fantasy time today! Is she Wonderwoman? A Dominatrix? However you want to visualise Konnie Huq is up to you. Actually she was doing this on Blue Peter.

Konnie Huq fantasyKonnie Huq WonderwomanKonnie Huq Wonderwoman

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A Konnie Huq Smile

A nice Konnie Huq photo today with the familiar smile that has had all of the grown-up boys watching Blue Peter over the years. Konnie Huq will be missed when she moves on at the end of her BP contract.


Konnie Huq On Television

Todays portion of Konnie Huq shows her looking younger.

For those who may have arrived at this blog by chance there is information about Konnie Huq in the side column. She is a television presenter who gained a lot of attention when she wore a sexy, low cut dress to the Spiderman 3 premiere. You'll find photos of this in older posts and also at the top right of this blog.

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A Dark, Sexy, Sultry Looking Konnie Huq

Yesterday she was looking dirty but today's Konnie Huq photo shows her looking dark, sexy and sultry. The photo is of Konnie Huq on television again - wish she's get out and about a bit more!

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Konnie Huq In A Bikini Getting Covered With Mud!

Celebrity and television presenter Konnie Huq is getting a beauty treatment today. She is being covered by mud. Well the bits are that aren't being covered by her bikini. The thing is though does Konnie Huq really need to improve her looks? Many think not!

You can read more about Konnie here.

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