Will Konnie Huq Expose The Blue Peter Sexy Secrets

There has been gossip that Konnie Huq will write a book spilling all the secrets and scandal about Blue Peter.

Over 10 years she obviously saw and heard a lot about the show. She knew, for example, about Valerie Singleton's ding dong with Peter Purves before it became public knowledge. But there are many more skeletons in the cupboard just waiting to be let loose.

Konnie told the Daily Star, for example, "I do know lots and lots of secrets about Blue Peter but I’m very good at keeping them. You can read about them when I publish my book." Can't really see her doing this though.

In the meantime Konnie has been involved with Piers Morgan, in a productive way with npower.

The electricity company held a Green SOS Academy competition on enviromental problems for schools. Children from the schools' finalists attended a workshop hosted by Konnie Huq. Piers Morgan was on hand to talk about how to use the media to help promote the enviromental cause. The photo below shows Konnie and Piers at the event. More info here.

Konnie Huq and Piers Morgan

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