Konnie Huq Defends Chantelle

Konnie HuqKonnie Huq has been defending the likes of Chantelle Hayes in Celebs on Sunday magazine. Konnie said,
"When people talk of a 'real career' you think lawyer or teacher. But not everyone wants to do that. So in a way, if your option is stacking shelves or being Chantelle, wouldn’t you take your opportunities when you could? Much in life depends on what you would have done anyway. And as celebrity culture is so skewed towards women’s fashion and appearance, people focus more on these girls. So the blokes from Big Brother fade into oblivion."

And she is right, of course, it's the one opportunity that the likes of Chantelle have to forge some sort of career - and make money. They use their '15 minutes of fame' to full advantage. As for Konnie, she'll be around for much longer.

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