Konnie Huq And That Low Cut Dress

Konnie Huq in the Myleene Klass low cut dressKonnie Huq has been talking about 'that' dress which got her so much publicity when she wore it to the Spiderman 3 premiere - it wasn't actually her dress!

The dress belonged to Myleene Klass. Konnie didn't have time to go home prior to the premiere to change so she rumaged through a rack of dresses in her agent's office and picked out one that belonged to Myleene.

Konnie says, "Everyone thought this was my new sexy image now that I'm leaving Blue Peter. I'm not complaining because it's nice to dress up. But if I had worn one of my own dresses I would not have been in the papers."

Konnie Huq makes her debut tonight in ITV's London current affairs show London Talking. This goes out at the same time as Question Time on BBC.

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