Konnie Huq Zoo Time and Her Olympic Ordeal

Konnie Huq presentingFollowing her ordeal with the Olympic torch it's good to see that Konnie Huq has been signed up to present a television series all about zoo animals.

Zoo Days will follow Colchester Zoo as it opens it's doors to the public.

Zoo Days will be on Channel 5 and the 20 episodes will be shown later this year.

And ...

... just in case you missed what Konnie Huq said about carrying the Olympic Torch:
"As I was running with the torch a guy broke out from the crowd and wrestled the torch, or tried to wrestle the torch off me.

I was determined to hang on, it was all a bit of a shock, for a while I was wrestling with it, then they wrestled him to the ground. There were so many people and everyone was shouting 'just keep going'. It was a bit surreal.

I was a bit bashed about but I guess that's par for the course in such a little brawl.

I always said my taking part in the procession didn't mean I condone China in any way. And I think a lot of the torch bearers and the athletes feel the same way.

I did the procession because I believe in the Olympic values, the ideals, I think sport on a global scale is a brilliant thing, it transcends culture, race, money.

The Olympic ethos is a great thing, it's just a shame China has such a terrible track record when it comes to human rights.

I understand the cause completely, but this is the platform on which change can occur, all eyes will be on the Olympics, media from all across the world so if any good can come out of it, that's a really great thing"


Tim said...

Do you really understand the meaning of human rights? Do you know how much the life standard has been improved in Tibet? Do you know what kind of life the Tibetan lived when Dalai Lama was in Tibet? Do you know the primary object of the students on Tiananmen square? Do you know who make the situation out of control on Tiananmen square? Do you know what the British army is doing now in Iraq? Do you know why British army had a battle with Argentina last century? Make clear of the answers to the above questions then talk about human rights. And hope you can also talk about human rights in 2012 London.

riko said...
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Jie said...

I feel Konnie's comment is fair. Everyone has their own understanding towards Olympic, so does to Human Rights, although Chinese do not agree with the West to some extent, and we should be grateful that she saved the torch.

Flora said...

as you are a tv star,your speech will influence some people.But you didnt realise it. U never been to china, even u didn't ask chinese people ,how u know china's human rights?
it's not a fashion to talk about china's human rights.

qiChen said...

Stop talking about human right, you don't deserve. Btw, Iraq people need you guys' attention. Why not concern about your own human right record?

g3from said...

We are chinese , we kown ourselves very much ,we don't need your "help" for our human rights!!!
And you guys use human rights as an excuse to boycott our Olympic opening ceremony.
1.3 billion do their best to prepare the Olympics,you ignore chinese people's feelings.So,stop talking the China'human rights,you don't really care about chinese people.
At last,you don't do your best to protect the torch,we saw it from Internet.You don't deserve to hold it.
China don't need your forgiveness,but 1.3 billion chinese won't condone you!!!!!

tina said...
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tina said...

Have you ever been to China? Have you been mistreated by Chinese government or people? Have you ever had a talk with an ordinary Chinses people including the Chinese people in Tibet? If not, how could you know that Chinese human right record is bad? If you made the judgement according to what are reported in the western media. Ok, let me tell you, they are liars. We welcome you to China and to have a personal talk with ordinary Chinese people to see the real China rather than the one demonized by the western media. You are cheated by the western media.
We live a peaful and happy life in China. Though our country is not as affluent as yours, we ordinary Chinese people also enjoy the human rights as many as you do. The westerners understand neither our language nor our culture. How could you understand our ordinary Chinese people? Our Chinese culture has existed for over 5000 years and will last forever. Unfortunately, the western wants to change our way of lives without our permission, how brutel and arrogant you are!
As to Tibet, please make clear who are victims and criminals during the riots before you critise China human right records. Should you have time, you'd better pay a visit to Tibet yourself and I suggest you to read some books about Tibet not only written by western writers but also by Chinese writers before the trip. Please use your own brain to think over what is fair and just. Don't be a simple yeswoman.

Téa said...

Hey What do you know about China? Nothing! So shut your mouth. BTW, I suggest you read more books, especially books on history and culture, and go outside to see the world and other countries, and the most important, be good and honest!it's just a shame you carried the torch!!!

Zephyrus said...
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伊晨 said...
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yoyo said...

shot up~
I beg you to think with your mind instead of your boobs~

Yuefang said...

we chinese people THANK U for have saved the torch
after all, it does not only belong to the Beijing Olympic, but also to people all over the world.
yet will you please not use the phrase "human rights" to interfere the chinese people? You really know nothing at all about the real situation here in china!!!

alabozhixiao said...

Unwisdom is your confidence. flippancy become your courgae.

peace said...

you know nothing about China ,so you have no rights to criticize the Chinese ,I think it is a shame to let you touch our great torch ,and at last ,I want to tell you that we Chinese will never condone you .

Matt said...

Condone China? Who you think you are? Now all 1.4 billion Chinese in China and more around world know BBC has such a jerk. And human rights? Check out how so called pro-tibet people protest human rights in Paris. Is it the one you want?
Any way, I think most Chinese will forgive you and welcome you to see what's really going on in China