Konnie Huq Interview

Konnie Huq nipple picThere is an interesting interview on Konnie Huq in today's The Independent.

She talks of her school life:
"We had a 'wormery' and my friend and I were in charge of the 'snailery' with about five snails. I loved drama and was in The Crucible. I was on Blue Peter at 14 with the National Youth Music Theatre – I sang a solo. When I was in the sixth form I presented a cable and satellite programme about music, television and video. I used to do public speaking competitions. There were teams of three. It sounds so middle-class!"

And finishes with her university life:
"I got a 2:1. Our tutors had to recommend high-flying students to the Bank of England; our director of studies recommended me. The two people I met at the Bank were both wearing suits: brown, not grey or black. It turned out to be dress-down day. I remember thinking, 'If this is dress-down day, what are the ordinary days like?' There was an aptitude test; I did it really badly."
Full interview

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