Konnie Huq Wears Her Blue Peter Badge For 50th Anniversary

Konnie Huq with Blue Peter badgeIt's nearly time for Blue Peter to celebrate it's anniversary. Next month it will be 50 years old, yes it started way back in 1958.

Konnie Huq was with Blue Peter for 10 of those years and has been reflecting on her time on the program. She told Weekend magazine:

"The most memorable moment - and there were many - has to be returning to the Bangladeshi village in which many of my family had lived. I met members of my extended family and I remember thinking, 'If my parents hadn't come over to Britain, I'd be living in the village now.' It was bizarre, but extremely moving to film there."

Konnie went on to say, "I often say I feel 22 not 33 because those ten years of my life have been consumed with Blue Peter. The team became like my family and it was hard to say goodbye."

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