Konnie Huq Finally Leaving Blue Peter

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq
Today is the end of an era. Konnie Huq will bow out of Blue Peter this afternoon, the final show for her being at 5 pm on BBC1.

So what will Konnie be doing after her reign at Blue Peter? Konnie said:
"I think put my feet up. I've lined up lots of corporate work because suddenly I can do those - our schedules are so manic on Blue Peter that I couldn't do much, so now I've done the hard slog. It's random things.

One thing is I'm going to this resort in the Canary Islands and being paid loads of money to just to large it up in this resort - it's weird, the corporate world and what you get."

I'm sure we all wish her every success for the future.


Sandy said...

Is it true that Konnie once wore glasses? I've never seen a photo with her wearing them. I bet she looked great.

Google said...

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