Konnie May Do Lads Mags Pics - If Times Get Hard

Konnie Huq may do lads magsKonnie Huq has again said that she wouldn't absolutely rule out posing for lads mags.

She told the Sun:
"It’s annoying. After you leave Blue Peter people think you’re rolling in it, but it’s not that well paid compared to outside.

All the offers you get from, say, lads mags or bingo on ITV pay a lot of money.

But then you have to turn them down on grounds of integrity because your agent says you’ll be slated.

I can never say never because I might have to pay the mortgage.

If it’s a cool shoot and tasteful, then maybe. You’ll know when you see it that times are hard!"

At the present time Konnie Huq is dating the television producer Nick Petterson.


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